Car Breeze Vent Clip Air Freshener, Imola Scent Perfume

Those of us who spend a lot of time in cars know that after sometime the vehicle can begin to have a certain kind of smell. Use our car fresheners that can make your car smell like a place you're not embarrassed for people to ride in, !
Perfect Car Freshener:
Our car air freshener vent clip is the perfect choice to cover-up effectively the bad odor. The thoughtful design makes our product a splendid accessory for your car’s hygiene that emit pleasant smell, increasing comfort throughout the travel!
Delightful Imola Flavour:
Our car air freshener emits the essence of green tea and seduces you with the aroma of hyacinths. Also, the Imola car scent clip consists of several combinations of lemon, aloe, jasmine, musk, vetiver, patchouli scent condenser perfumes are released in a delicate way that makes your mood happy and excited!
Easy to Install:
Our car scent air freshener is easy to install! Just fill the scent inside the vent clip and place it near your air-conditioner. This air freshener will effectively cover up the odor, allergens and harmful pollutants, bringing out fresh scent for you!
Perfect Gift:
Our vent clip air freshener provides the drivers with deep subtle scent for a pleasant driving experience to make them happy throughout their ride. A perfect gift for women, men, boys, girls, drivers and friends on every special occasion!

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