Car Air Freshener Vent Clip Premium Perfume Cars Scent Sebring Starter Kit up to 90 Days

The Car Breeze Air Freshener Perfume line for men is the answer to eternal male longings, such as winning, seducing, power and exploring the world. Fragrance is a man's visit card. Check which perfume matches You.

Car Breeze Air Freshener Perfume Sebring is a scent of masculine adventure in the middle of wild nature in Florida. Inspired by adrenaline released by cave diving and cliff jumping. The scent full of danger hidden in the unknown and all the risk taken during discovering the subtropics. Car Breeze Sebring is a blend of citrus freshness and breeziness with juicy melon in a crystal clear waterfall. All emphasized by cool mint.

The head note: citrus, ozone water, guava, papaya, melon

The heart note: orange flower, jasmine, magnolia mint

The base note: sandal wood, cedar wood, moss, musk, amber

Scent condenser perfumes are released in a delicate and even manner up to 90 days

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