Car Breeze Scent Refill Imola up to 90 days

The Car Breeze women's fragrances collection helps you to express your style and character. Romantic, sensual, ambitious?... Choose car perfumes that reflect your unique feminine character best.

Imola... an aroma as unforgettable as the first kiss. As radiant as morning dew on jasmine petals, as a May wreath, as subtle as a whisper of love. Imola emanates light, freshness and feminine energy. It excites you with the strength of green tea and seduces you with bunch of hyacinths.

The head note: lemon, aloe

The heart note: green tea, jasmine, hyacinth

The base note: musk, vetiver, patchouli 

Scent condenser perfumes are released in a delicate and even manner up to 90 days 

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