Car Breeze Scent Refill Yas Marina up to 90 days

The Car Breeze women's fragrances collection helps you to express your style and character. Romantic, sensual, ambitious?... Choose car perfumes that reflect your unique feminine character best.

Unique as bunches of fresh flowers in the middle of a desert. Luxurious and feminine. Loved by people who adore contrasts. Yas Marine is an essence of extravagance. An enchanting scent of white roses, lilies of the valley and violets. Filled with the juiciness of ripe pears and peaches. Strengthen by powerful musk and cedar wood.

The head note: pear, peach, lily of he valley

The heart note: peony, rose, violet

The base note: musk, cedar wood

Scent condenser perfumes are released in a delicate and even manner up to 90 days



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