August 29, 2018


I never thought I’d find the day where I would come across an air freshener like Car Breeze which is one of the best luxury car air freshener and perfume. For years, I have tried a various number of products that were made to “eliminate odors”. The stronger ones usually ended up giving me a headache and when I tried to buy a more subtle scent it just wouldn’t get the job done.

I have this bad habit of smoking in my car and even though I may crave cigarettes, I do not crave the stale smell of smoke that lingers around in my car after a while. To try and solve my solution I honestly started driving around with a bottle of Car Breeze scents in my car. Not even that seemed to fully get rid of the smell. I knew there had to be something better out there for me.

The scent I have first chosen from Car Breeze is called “Sebring”. This is one of the best and luxurious car breeze scent and perfume that I have seen. It’s a scent that is more on the manlier side, and skips out on all the flowery and girly smells that I usually get stuck with. Not only does this product work like a charm, it also comes in various categories specifically for men, women, and families. I find that to be so convenient, finally a product that takes care of business and doesn’t make me feel like I’m driving around in my sister’s car.

The subtle waves of citrus freshness that gets followed up by a cool mint is the ultimate combination. Know when I pick up a date I will no longer be self-conscious about whether my car reeks of smoke or not. It surprisingly has brought a great sense of relief upon me. I remember when I came across this freshener online I was skeptical of whether or not the price was exactly in my budget, but when I thought about all the money I have thrown away on products that didn’t even work I decided to splurge. And there has not been a single second where I have regretted it.

Just by opening up my car door the gentle smell of ripe melons greets my nose, so when I actually start driving and turn the air on it’s like my car transforms into a tropical state without being overbearing. I usually am not one to go online and write reviews about products I have purchased, but with this one I just couldn’t resist. I know that Car Breeze is a new product and I just wanted to put my two cents in on the product. It’s definitely worth the buy, especially with the 90-day expectancy! The modern look is also a bonus to me because it’s not bulky and tacky the way most fresheners come now. It almost gives off a chill vibe, it looks very sleek.

This product is definitely one that is worth it’s price and does not disappoint! I would highly recommend Car Breeze to anyone who, like me smokes while driving or does other things that leave an unpleasant.