Drive Fresh with Car Breeze Air Fresheners

August 29, 2018

Drive Fresh with Car Breeze Air Fresheners

Being a single mom, I feel as if I practically live in my car. If I’m not dropping off my kids at school, I’m picking them up from soccer practice or running errands. Having meals in my car has basically become a daily routine, especially with two teenagers. Car Breeze Air Fresheners saves me from worrying about the need to keep my car smelling fresh and even gives me a calm state as soon as I hop in to start off my busy schedule.

I used to constantly be battling with smells of various fast foods and even sweaty running shoes, but with my “Monaco” scented freshener, I no longer have to worry about these tiny details that not too long ago would drive me nuts! Now I get pleasant fumes of ginger and soothing lavender. It’s almost as if these fresheners were designed under the category of aromatherapy. The fact that there’s so many different types of these scents excites me a little bit, because I am already thinking about what the next scent that I purchase will be.

Having two growing kids, I do tend to stay on a budget, but the effect of this products knocks down any doubts I had on the price of it. My kids love it and so do I! I never would have thought that the way my car would smell had such an effect on my mood. Not until I placed my “Monaco” in the car! Even when I’m stuck in traffic, I find it easier to lay back and just let my day go on instead of getting all worked up over a situation that I have no control over. I have Car Breeze to thank for that!

Luckily, I was one of the people that came across this online, I have not seen it in stores yet but surely am expecting to soon. With its long-lasting effects and consistency, I would be surprised if I were to hear that any other customer was not satisfied with this product. The fact that it is made out of wax and not just a little cardboard piece or the usual liquid found is what really gets me Being the ultimate candle enthusiast, this product is surely one that I will be repurchasing again and again! Not only do I smell the scent right away, but it becomes even more potent if I decide to turn on the AC or the heat. It’s these little details that make this product so original! Never in my life have I come across such a unique car freshener. Even the look of it is unique! Instead of the usual colored pine trees and the bulky vent attachments, Car Breeze comes in a very polished manner. It may even become my ‘go to’ for gifts to my friends, it’s just that great of a product! I 100% would recommend this product to any one who like me, lives a very engaged life like I do. Take my word for it, you will not be disappointed.