Car Breeze Freshener Review

August 29, 2018

Car Breeze Freshener Review

I’m currently using the “Yas Marina” scent in my car from Car Breeze, and although it’s over 90 degrees outside I still get the pleasing scent right away when I get into my car. Living down South, I usually get greeted by a musty smell when I open the car door, but with Car Breeze it’s different.

Summer is my favorite season hands down! And with “Yas Marina” it brings up a sense of nostalgia that reminds me of the good old days. When family fun and a care free life was all that truly mattered. It’s hard to hold back the smile on my face when the juicy smell of peaches and ripe pears come across. It’s almost as if the scent switches up and sometimes I even get whiffs of roses in full bloom and other times it’s as if I even get a small hint of cedar wood? It’s very relaxing.

Even while driving to work or to run errands, I can imagine that I’m driving to an enchanted garden filled with these extravagant aromas. This simple car freshener literally acts like an escape for me. It brings up my mood and I won’t even realize it until I’m blasting music in my car and singing along.

Usually, I purchase the cheaper and less effective air fresheners that are found in car washes and gas stations, but this time I decided to splurge a little and see if the higher price was actually worth the product. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. The price is definitely worth the product. I don’t think I will be able to switch back to the regular scents usually found, because I have become to used to the tranquil yet lively aromas. Whether I just pick my dogs up from the groomers or decide to eat in my car when I’m in a rush, no one can ever tell! “Yas Marina” completely eliminates all signs of any type of odor!

The scent lasts fairly well, but when I want that extra burst of freshness all I have to do is turn up the AC and BOOM! It’s like I just released a fresh Caribbean breeze into my car. I think what really gives this product the bonus is that it is wax based. So, unlike the usual liquid scents that tend to fade away quickly, Car Breeze’s strong smell sticks without seeming to have the scent hang around in the air.

I came across this product online, and can only seem to find it there so far. I have not been lucky enough to find it in a store yet. But I do have a feeling that soon it will become very popular due to its high quality. I’m very excited to try the other scents! The only downside to the 90-day guarantee is that I won’t be able to purchase another one any time soon. Back to the point, I highly recommend Car Breeze to anyone spends a good amount of time in their vehicles and also to those who appreciate a pleasing scent while on the go.